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Socialneed is a Latin American Startup with high potential for global growth! It introduces a highly scalable mass-use product into the market within the category Collaborative Economics and Big Data Company. Through a disruptive mobile application they manage to meet and solve social needs in real time.

The company created by visionary entrepreneurs who bet on the value of knowledge and human creativity. Through their digital channels, they connect people with real-time opportunities in a world where automation grows at an accelerated pace, leaving millions of people unemployed day after day.


The mobile App is ideal for all people within a city and / or community, recognizing the value and the innumerable solutions that can be solved through the skills and specializations of both the same person and third parties in their environment. The goal is that all people as individuals can generate income by providing services related to the activities in which they stand out or they may need services from other available and trained people.

The APP is now available for PANAMA & COSTA RICA in "Soft-opening". In parallel, it is receiving requests from users from countries such as COLOMBIA, ARGENTINA AND MEXICO prior to its launch in each country.

Those responsible for Socialneed Startup have opened a round for the presentation of the company and participation of organizations aimed at investment funds, investment partners, Venture Capital and business partners (who add value through resources, capital, relationships and value to the company) with in order to consolidate operational areas and market expansion.

You will be able to see more information on your social networks by searching for the word "Socialneed", you will find all your networks adapted to several countries.